15 DÍAS: 230 EUROS o 300 DÓLARES



15 DAYS: 230 EUROS or 300 DOLLARS


jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013



'the natives brought fruit, wooden spears, and certain dried leaves which gave off a distinct fragrance."

"We found a man in a canoe he had with him some dried leaves which are in high value among them, for a quantity of it was brought to me at San Salvador" Christopher Columbus' Journal

When Christopher Columbus first arrived in the Americans in 1492 the Taino people gave to him and the Spanish Conquistadors, a great gift, the most holiest of plants, and the most sacred of ritual objects, a messenger of the Cemis (the Gods / Spirits) in the form of an herb called Tobaku. This sacred messenger of the Gods was unknown to the rest of the world. Europe, Asia and Africa did not know of its existence, and the closets counterpart to the rest of the world came in the form of unsmokable resins and incense, which like Tobaku, transmits ones thoughts, desires, wishes, and prayers to the heavens in a cloud of smoke.

Tobaku like all great spirits, was and is a force to be respected, and never abused, he like all Spirits will not tolerate disrespect; to dishonor and disrespect this ancient spirit messenger, is to unleash his deathly vengeance. Tobaku blessed all who venerated and respected him with magical and healing abilities. But like all great spirits and things sacred to pre-Colombian America, Tobaku has suffered centuries of misuse and insult in the form of commercial tobacco.

The Taino used Tobaku in Prayer, offerings to the spirits, healing, purification, leisure activities, welcoming friends, peace treaties, and it was never abused and was always respected. Tobaku has grown weary of the exploitation and disrespect done unto him and has retaliated, unleashing his death grip and wrath on those who have abused this sacred spirit. Common sense dictates that anything you do to your body in excess (a habit) is detrimental.


The tradition of using tobacco as a sacred ritual object survived the European Conquest of the Americas. It is used, within Santeria, Vodou, Sanse, Espiritismo, Obea, 21 Division,Santerismo, Umbanda, 3 Potencia Venezuelana, Chamanismo, Curanderia, and Brujeria, to name a few; as an offering and as a form of cleansing, and communicating with the Spirits in all African, Indigenous, and Amerindian traditional religions. It is used for smudging a body or ritual objects, blessing talismans, for ritual purification, divination and cleansing, as well as an offering to some of the Saints, Orishas, Commissions, Courts, and Lwases, and transmitting ones wishes and desires to the heavens and realms of spirits.

I clearly have to state that allot of people do not like or enjoy the aroma of tobacco, as well one has to take into deep consideration the health hazards that come with smoking tobacco. Excessive use of this sacred herb has created many health issues. If you do not smoke, don't start. Use incense such as frankincense or copal, or use sage wands or sweet grass braids as a substitute. But as with tobacco use these items in a well ventilated area.

If you are interested in divination, and do not smoke, don't start smoking, use Tarot, playing cards, cowrie shells, coconuts, palmistry, or runes. I by no means am promoting tobacco smoking or usage, what I am talking about hear is giving an inside view on how tobacco is used in Caribbean and Latin American folk magico religious systems and beliefs.

Tobacco should be respected and never abused. Because of the stigma that tobacco has received after centuries of misuse and abuse. Tobacomancia or Tobacomancy is rarely if ever mentioned outside the Spanish speaking and Amerindian population.


I offer this smoke to Achiano the Spirit of the South,
I offer this smoke to Koromo the Spirit of the West,
I offer this smoke to Rakuno the Spirit of the North,
I offer this smoke to Sobaiko the Spirit of the East,
I offer this smoke to Atabey, sacred mother of Earth.
I offer this smoke to Yokahu sacred father of the sky. So be it, so it shall be.


To the Spirits of the Four Winds, Black horse, white horse, red horse, and brown, you that find yourself in the four Corners of the Universe. Above and below and in the Four Directions. I call to you oh Charitable Spirit of Tobacco, ancient messengers of the Omnipresent One. I offer you in homage to the Guardian Spirits of (n.n.). For wherever I go with this sacred smoke, you shall purify and cleanse. You shall remove any and every, seen and unseen negative vibration that surrounds (n.n.). And with the grace and power that the Holy Trinity has bestowed upon me, I (n.n.) purify and cleanse (n.n.). So be it, Amen.


With the permission of God.
With the guidance of the 21 Commissions of Spirits and the protection of my Guardian Angel.
With the watchful eyes of my Spirit Guides.
As above so below, and in the four directions, and to the Charitable Spirits of the Four Winds that come from the four corners of the universe. I ask for health, stability, and peace.
May the fluids of the Spirits that speak through the smoke of this sacred tobacco, be beneficial towards me and my cause. May all malice and deceit depart and scatter as the smoke does scatter, and only good and charity shall prevail. Amen.


In behalf of the smoke of this sacred cigar. I do conjure and invoke the Seven Divine Guardian Spirits of the Seven Heavens.

With this sacred smoke I summon the 3001 Rays of the Moon.
In the Divine names of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I do invoke thee.
May you bless me with your Divine Grace, Wisdom, and Power, and bring forth that which I desire.
Oh Great Tobacco, messenger of God. I call upon your Divine Name, so that you may intercede on my behalf and open the doors of the Spirit Realm, and with the help of Saint Teresa de Jesus, lead towards me that spirit which will aid me in my task. Amen.


Puro, Purito, Puro! I do summon and conjure you. I invoke thee by the divine virtues that you have, and by the divine virtues that God has bestowed upon you. Spirit of the Tobacco, I ask that you penetrate the very soul of (n.n). So that he/she may not rest in peace, drink in peace, eat in peace, walk in peace, breath in peace, nor live in peace, until he/she recognizes the wrong he/she done to me and resigns.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, no one believes in you. I believe in you. Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, no one calls to you. I call to you.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, no one offers you water to quench your thirst, I offer you water to quench your thirst.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you.
Go now Seven Intranquil Spirits, go now and follow the smoke and ashes, for they will lead you to those who have offended me.
Son/daughter of a swine! Pay Attention!
Son/daughter of a swine! Pay Attention!
Son/daughter of a swine! Pay Attention!
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you.
With one, I see you, with two I bind you, with three I conquer you.
Paz, Paz, Cristo, Cristo, Dominus Nostrum.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.


I offer the smoke of this sacred cigar to the charitable spirits of (n.n.). So that they may intercede on my behalf and dominate the five senses of (n.n.)
I conjure and invoke thee, Oh Great Spirits of the Four Winds that come from the Four Directions.
Wherever he/she may be, may he/she come humble and humiliated before my feet. As the prostitute presented herself humbled and humiliated before the feet of Christ, and as Christ presented himself humbled and tamed before Pontius Pilot. And as Pontius Pilot presented himself humble and humiliated at the feet of Christ.
So I demand you to do the same.
As Saint George slew the dragon, as Saint Martha, dominated the serpent, as Saint Michael defeated the Beast. So do I; slay, dominate and defeat you.
By the Divine Power present before me, you are commanded to no longer commit a treacherous act against me.
And if by chance you resist and continue to harass me, so shall you pay the price for your offence.
With one I see you, with two I recognize you, and with three I conquer you.
Paz. Paz. Cristo. Cristo. Dominus Nostrum.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I (n.n.) ask permission of my protective spirits to help me work my spiritual labor in this sacred hour. Give me the faculties, and strength needed to cleanse and purify, to lift and remove any negative fluids, to lift and remove negative vibrations, on my body, within my home, and all that I hold sacred.
Eliminate from my path, all curses, hexes, black magic, and wrong doing,
In the holiest names of the Queen of Heaven and Angels, I call on the 21 Commissions of Spirits, the 21 Jefes, the 7 Powers. To the brotherhood of the white mission, the Ascended ones, make my heart pure. To King Solomon the sage bestow upon me wisdom. To Saint Clair, make my path visible. Saint Expedito, Saint Benito. Saint Michael and Saint Barbara. I call on my Spirit Guides, and my Ancestors, to help me in conquering all the obstacles that are set in my path.
Eternal Father, Our Lord Papa Dios, embrace me with your divine light, and protect me. Amen.


The client is the one who purchases the cigar. 3 must be brought, or a package of cigars. One for the divination, the rest as offerings to the Diviner's, Spirit Guides and ancestors.

When you are reading the tobacco to an individual, only you and the person getting the reading should be present in the room. Consecration is the key to success. Other influences in the room can deteriorate the success of the reading. The cigar will pick up on the vibrations of others present.

Make sure all cell phones are off, loud noises, and any distraction that can cause the Adivinador to loose concentration. All gadgets, phones, and television must be turned of. Quiet music can be used.

When you give a consultation with a cigar, some say that they should not get it done more than once a week. I disagree with this theory, once a month is the more adequate and appropriate time between tobacco divination.

Never read more than one cigar per sitting, per client at a time. To do this will detract from the predictions and omens foretold by the first cigar and will give uncertain or false information.

A cigarette is never used, the cigar should be of pure quality, with out added ingredients, this includes flavored cigars. No cigars with plastic mouth pieces.

When using a cigar for tobacomancy, never use a lighter. With your dominant hand light it with three wooden matches at once.

Take 9 big puffs and proceed with the consultation,

After the reading the lit cigar is placed on the altar, the client asks the spirits to lift any and all negative information told by the ashes.

The cigar is kept erect during the reading, pointing towards the heavens, and the ashes are never flicked, let it fall naturally.




El Adivino (male) La Adivina (female), person doing the divination consultation.

El Cliente, the client or querent person receiving the consultation.

When the rim of the cigar has a perfect white circle, that signifies strong bonds, strong unions, a ring, love, a new relationship, an affair, marriage. Fidelity,Good health, long life.
If the crown has black spots on the ring, this signifies trouble in a relationship, a quarrel or disagreement with a loved one, separation, marital problems, false love, jealousy. Unfounded fears. If the spot is towards the person, they feel the doubts, if the spot is away and towards the diviner then its the querents partner who feels these feelings.

If there are black spots all over the foundation of the crown, this signifies resentments, gossip, mistreatment, dislikes, entangled in confusion or to trap or gain power over someone by dishonest or underhand means.

If there are spots with horizontal cracks this signifies a break up, split up, or divorce.

If there is a large black spot this signifies, bad company, untrustworthy friends, or lover. A dept that has not been paid. If the spot is towards the client, they are the one who needs to pay a dept, away from querent, someone owes them and has not paid.

When black spots touches the rim of the cigar this means bad times, towards client. If the black sports are towards the client, this means they are in it at the present, towards the consultant means in the coming future, left side means it was in the past, or that the bad times where at fault of another, and the querent client is still feeling the effects. Towards the right signifies that the client had much to do with the bad times they are going through and should take responsibilities.

A grey scale coming from the lit rim tells of sadness, and tears, towards client signifies the client, towards consultant means a loved one. On the left side means caused by outside influences, towards the right signifies within the home. Also foretells of minor illnesses.

A white scale on the lit rim, signifies good omens, reconciliation, new loves, new relations, good friend, Towards the right an old friend, right a new friend. Good health.

A red spot at the base of the rim tells of unexpected surprise or news. Towards client, something they expected and had forgotten about, towards consultant, something the client is not expecting. Towards left, news from your past, towards right important news in the distant future.

White circles on the base signifies a coming of money, could be a raise, better pay, lottery or games of chance.

One large circle on the base signifies, betrothal, the act of betrothing or the fact of being betrothed. A mutual promise or an engagement. Success in a business plans, a payment of an old dept. Happiness, good health and well being.

A large vertical slice tells of overspending,
Extraordinary spending habits, when the client should be saving. Careless spending foretells of instabilities and restless times. If slice is towards the client it is the client who has the spending problem, if towards consultant it is a loved one. Towards the left, overspending in the past is causing trouble, towards the right, save money for that stormy weather ahead.

A white vertical slice, tells of prosperity, stability, lasting friendships.

A red slice across the cigar, vertical represents getting hurt, hospitalization, operation, a horizontal red slice means loneliness, depression, sadness.

Many small red dots tells of false hope, and dissolution.

Two small red dots with a slice above it means lust or desire. If two black dots with a slice above it, this means being used or taken advantage of. Towards the client, towards consultant its another person. Towards left in the past, towards right, in the near future.

Two black dots side by side, one being bigger, self doubt, confusion, envy or unexpected betrayal.
Towards client, the client will feel this, towards the consultant, a loved one will. On the left, it happened in the not so far past, towards right in the distant future. Can also be outside influences, the evil eye.

Black slanting, or leaning lines tell of misunderstandings in a relationship.

Lines that form a zigzag or a cross means obstacles, an unpleasant trip, a barrier, Something that separates or holds apart. A boundary that obstructs or impedes, a blockage.

White thin stripes, horizontal means a trip is in the horizon, vertical, luck in business, endowment.

If the cigar only burns on one side, bad luck, unfortunate events are on the way.

Two or more scales form on top of the ashes, good luck after hard times, good times shall come. Two scales that touch means a pregnancy, a baby, twins.

If the ashes stands straight and tall. A wish or desire will come true, happiness in love, wishes will be fulfilled.

If the ashes twist to the left, in the past, right in the future. Debts, and doubts. Problems will arise in love. Pointing towards client, clients close relations, pointing towards consultant a third party, a secret lover.

If the ashes stand straight but gets thinner in center, a health problem that client needs to get checked or under control.

If the ashes suddenly break and fall, doubts in ones auspiciousness. Doubts in ones abilities for success.

In the Second part of the reading begins when the ashes fall by themselves, the consultant flicks the ashes and begins to give the second half of the reading. The consultant takes three to nine consecutive puffs and begins to read. If the patterns described here form on the first half of the reading they are interpreted accordingly as described below.

If the ashes fall within 3 or six puffs, bad omen, accidents or danger.


If many scales form interspersed that are black, gray or white. Practical life, with good and bad, no needs for major worries, problems will arise but nothing the client cant handle.

If gray scales with white rims appear, money is coming.

Many white scales means great achievements, one will achieve what they set their mind to, and desires will come true.

White scales with black rims talks about news or information is on the way. Family gathering, wedding, a social event, productive friendships.

A black dot within a circle foretells of a pregnancy.

A white dot with a crease or slice, a backup, miscarriage or abortion.

If a Cross forms in the ashes, strength, and power, control and dominating enemies.

If a point or an arrow forms in the ashes or with the body of the ashes, one is greatly.spiritually protected.

If a black spot appears on the arrow, a prayer, supplication, or offering must be made. A promise was made and not kept.

If the ashes part or split, horizontally from client to consultant, pathways, open doors, new beginnings, also someone is looking for your advice or help in personal matters.

If the ashes split vertically. Confusion, not knowing where to go, a split up, or breakup,
If the ashes split into a cross at the rim, crossroads, the person is at a crossroads in their life.

When the split has one large mound this signifies dominance or control. Towards client, the client is the dominant, towards consultant, the clients partner or loved one. Towards the left a woman is dominant towards the right a male.

When the larger mound has a split, this signifies mental disorders, anguish, depression.

When the superior mound has a crack or split, mental disorders.

When the smaller mound has a crack or split, this tells of problematic children, disrespectful, defiant defiance, and out-of-control child.

If the cigar burns brighter towards client, the client has bad intentions or ill wills with another. When it burns brighter towards the consultant, betrayal, bad and malignant intentions from a person, hidden agendas, they will turn their backs on you. Left side a female figure, right side a male figure.

When a pointing scale forms an arrow at the base, problems with the law, court cases. The arrow has a white rim, in your favor, black means not in your favor.

Sparks on the cigar is a good omen, signifies blessings and protection, the more sparks the greater the protection or bond is with ones spirit guides.

If a stick of tobacco sticks out from the burning cigar, court problems not in your favor.

When a scale curls, this.represents flourishing of undertakings. Plans will prosper and flourish.


The Smoke can be used as well with the ashes in interpreting the tobacco. One needs a basic understanding of the symbolic of patterns. But I will include a few major important ones.

Circles caused by the smoke, symbolize a ring of protection,

A figure 8 caused by the smoke, symbolizes something that will last a long time, it could be a chronic disorder, or a long love life, this all depends on the pattern of the ashes.

If the cigar throws little smoke, the person has a hidden agenda. Enemies will prevail.

If the smoke is thin, hardships, or weak personality, frailty.

If the smoke is heavy and smooth, the person has a strong character.

If the smoke goes to the right and does not go to its left, you will prevail over obstacles and adversary.

If the smoke goes to its left and does not go to its right, your adversary will prevail over you.

If the smoke clefts or separates in two columns Disagreements, arguments and fights.

If the right hand side of the smoke is thicker the client is at fault. Or a male influence.

If the left cleft is thicker, the outside influence is at fault. Or a female influence.

If the cleft smoke is equal in length, equal parties are at fault.

If the smoke) is fragmented: there will be financial loss.

If the smoke abruptly stops short then increases. Malice, evil eye, the client is under psychic attack or under the influence of black magic.

If the smoke intertwine in a tight weave, close nit, friendship, family and relationships.

If the smoke is intertwined in a tight weave then clusters, success: protection, unity, and profit.

If the smoke goes in four different directions, great confusion and doubts.

Letters or numbers created in the smoke, letters can be the first letter in the name of an enemy. Numbers represents time frames.  

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