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15 DAYS: 230 EUROS or 300 DOLLARS


miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

THE CENTINELA The Guardian of Sanse Relgion

The Guardian of Sanse Religion

"Centinela Alerta!"  "Alerta Esta!"


Oh mi Centinela mi guia y mi guardiero, cuidame bien de día y noche, temprano y tarde, hasta que mi alma parta al cielo.

Oh mi Centinela, guia principal, quédate conmigo. Yo te doy gracias por tu fiel compañia. Amén
Guardiero de la paz, Guia de la Guarda, a quien soy encomendado, mi defensor, mi vigilante centinela; gracias te doy, que me libraste de muchos daños del cuerpo y del alma. Gracias te doy, que estando durmiendo, me velaste, y despierto, me encaminaste; al oído, con santas inspiraciones me avisaste. Perdóname, amigo mío, mensajero del cielo, consejero, protector y fiel guarda mía; muro fuerte de mi alma, defensor y compañero celestial. En mis desobediencias, vilezas y descortesías, ayúdame y guárdame siempre de noche y de día. Amén.


Oh my Sentinel, my principle Guide and my Guardian, watch over me day and night, as the sun rises and when the sun sets, from dawn to dusk.  Watch over me until my soul journeys to the heavens.  

Oh my Sentinel, principle guide, accompany me where ever I go and I shall be humbly grateful. 
Guardian of Peace, Guide that Guards over my well being, given to me by God, my great defender, my vigilant Sentinel, I always shall praise and thank thee, for liberating me from all that wishes me harm, protecting and defending my body, mind and soul.  Thankful am I because when I am asleep you watch over me, and when I am awake you keep my feet routed on the earth, and in my ear you whisper words of inspiration that never leads me astray.  

Forgive me my heavenly friend and companion, messenger of God, counselor, defender, protector,  faithful watchman, heavenly fortress, watch tower, and celestial companion.  Forgive my ignorance, my disobedience, and for the times I did not listen to your advices.  Help me in being more attentive, and guard over me, day and night.  Amen. 


Of all the Saint, or Spirits within your Cuadro Espiritual none is as important as ones Centinela, the Centinela is ones Guardiana "guardian' principle spirit guide and is that spirit that guides and is the leader or head spirit of ones spiritual frame. 

The Centinela is a God appointed spirit thats sole purpose and function is to guide and assist in the spiritual development of an individual within their lifespan.  The Centinela has many functions but the most important is helping a person elevate and progress within life while at the same process elevating themselves as well. Although the Centinela are highly elevated Spirits, they are not as elevated as the Spiritual Forces we in Espiritismo and the Sanse religion call the Misterios.  But they are elevated enough that they do not ask for physical offerings such as food, cigars, liquid, or flowers.  All they ask is that we talk to them, pray for them, sing to them give them light, and listen to their sound advice.   If one chooses to give the Centinela a physical offering it should come in the form of light.  The light offered to a Centinela comes in the form of an aromatic candle, but the Centinela also likes a sweet scented oil lamp or lantern.  The Centinela speaks to us through our dreams but also speak to us through our inner voice, that voice that tells us what is right from wrong.  The more we listen quietly and meditate on their words, the stronger the bond becomes with an individual and their Centinela. 

The Centinela are the voice of wisdom, and inner knowledge, and will never give us advice on that which is unethical, immoral or dangerous to our well being, safety or progression. They will never give advice on anything that goes against our mental, physical well being, or spiritual growth.  

Each individuals Centinela is unique and only serves that particular person.  For example while thousands of people may honor and venerate a certain Saint for example Saint Michael or the Holy Child of Atocha, or call on a certain Spirit by name from one of the Courts or Commission the Centinela works exclusively and in unison with one person, and every person in the world has one.  Each Centinela was chosen by God and accompanies us through life, from the time of birth until the time of death of the physical body.  No two people have the same Centinela, although they may be called by the same name.  

Although they are highly elevated spirits that once lived on the earth, they are still close enough to our plane of existence to be aloud a close bond with the living, and they understand our needs, desires, wants, they understand our struggles, our pains, our joys and sorrows.

When one builds a healthy relationship with ones Centinela, we create a strong union and bond, and through their wisdom they speak to us what is acceptable and unacceptable in our progression.  

While an Espiritista or a Sancista can invoke any Spirit from the Commission of Spirits, it is extremely important to understand that while the Commissions usually act and speak in a similar fashion as they did in life, and usually the spirits from the Commission are fond of physical offerings such as candles, food and liquor.  The Centinela always presents himself or herself as a wise benevolent soul and never partakes of physical offerings.  For example, the Spirits of the Madamas or Gypsies come down dancing singing and can have a coquette demeanor, or the Congos or Indios can be stern, loud, and very opinionated, all the while smoking cigars, or partaking of liquid offerings, The Centinela comes down very wise, and humble and shuns material offerings.  If the Centinela does not agree with a persons actions in life he / she will usually send another spirit from ones Cuadro in his / her place to handle the situation.  As they always come down as wise and benevolent souls, and while other spirits from ones Cuadro come to dance, partake of offerings, remove curses and perform cleansing a Centinela usually comes quietly to give his or her blessings, or to give important spiritual messages.

Although an Espiritista or a Sansista can call on any Spirit from their Cuadro Espiritual,  they often call the Centinela into possession more  often than any other; and rather than calling the Misterios they call the Centinela because it is so close to us that less energy is needed in invoking them.  To call or become possessed by the Corrientes 'Spiritual Forces" of a Misterio more energy must be generated and more ritual labor is required.  This by no means implies that an Espiritista or a Sansista can not become possessed by the Corrientes of the Misterios.  We often do during Misas, Bautismos, Fiestas Espirituales or Rites of Passages, but on a daily basis when we need to exert the least amount of energy such as Limpias, Despojos or Consultas Espirituales we invoke the Corriente of our Centinela.

Although the Centinela do not have physical representations, Espiritistas and Sansistas keep a statue or a framed image of a Saint to spiritually represent the Centinela.  In Puerto Rico this image is usually in the form of a statue or framed picture of Saint Sebastian or Saint Pancracio for a male Centinela while the Female Centinela is represented by a picture of the virtues Faith, Hope and Charity, or a charm that has an anchor, heart and cross.

It is important to understand that ruthless, cruel, merciless, are disposed to inflict pain or suffering, are void of humane feelings and evil individuals loose the protections and guidance of ones Cuadro Espiritual and Centinela, it begins to weaken and wane within time, until the person has no spiritual protection whatsoever, and becomes enveloped by personal demons and intranquil spirits.   Individuals born with mental health issues have a strong connection with ones Centinela.  While individuals who fall under substance abuse, such as narcotics, liquor or has no control for over indulgences of the flesh are often influenced more by Demons and Intranquil Spirits, and their spiritual frame weakens within time.  Individuals who suffer mental illnesses that cause depression are protected by their Spiritual Frame, but also need to find mental help in order to align mind, body, and spirit in unison in order to properly heal and elevate.

La Gran Ivocacion
de Santerismo y Sanse Puertoriqueño 

Invoco mis Antepasados conocidos y  desconosidos, para que me den las facultades y el fluido espiritual para que tenga claridad, en el camino de la vida
Bendicion a mis Antepasados.

Invoko a mis seres, y mis muertos, porque en sus hombros me cargan en esta vida, y mis pasos caminan los pasos que caminaron ellos.  Bendicion a mis Muertos.

Yo invoco la sublime influencia de las 21 Comision de Espiritus, Corte Bruja, Corte Gitana, Corte de las Madamas, Corte de los Piratas, Corte de los Indios, Corte de los Orientales, Corte de los Arabes, Corte Santiguadora, Corte de los Congos, Corte de los Santos, Corte de los Hindu, Corte de los Angeles, Corte de los Esclavos, Corte de los Espiritus Infantiles, Corte de las Bendita Animas, Corte Libertadora, Corte de los Bohemios, Corte de los Heroes de nuestro pais, Corte Africana, Corte Elementales, Corte de los Juanes y Marias y las infinitas Cortes sin nombrar, para obtener buen éxito y adelanto en todos los asuntos de mi vida y para allanar todas las dificultades que haya en mi camino.  Bendicion a Las Comisiones de Espiritus.
Invoco la ayuda de mi Centinela y los 21 Jefe Guardianas del Sanse, Santos, Misterios y los Angeles de la Guarda, para que las estrellas alumbren y guíen mi camino y me espanten la mala sombras y mala voluntad que pueda seguirme.  Bendicion le pido a mi Centinela, a mi Santo y a mi Angel de la Guarda.

Invoco a Dios de las alturas para que mi casa prospere, aumente mis negocios y mi persona reciba un mensaje de buena suerte enviado por la Divina Providencia.  Bendicion Padre Celestal, Todopoderoso e Imortal.

Invoko a la Reina Madre del Cielo, Oh mi Reina Madre de Mi devocion, no me desampare de su protecion ni de noche ni de dia, y cobijame en su mantilla y manto sagrado. 
Bendicion Reina Madre.

Oh! Gran Poder de Dios, imploro tu poderosa ayuda para que me apartes del peligro en el momento preciso y para que mi camino se vea iluminado por el faro de la fortuna. Yo recibiré las infinitas bendiciones del cielo, creo en Dios Padre, Dios Hijo, Dios Espiritu Santo. Amén 

The Grand Invocation
of Santerismo and Sanse Religion

I Invoke my Ancestors
whose names are known and unknown to me so that they may bless me with the Faculties needed and the Spiritual Fluids required so that I may have clarity in my life.  Benediction I ask of my ancestors.

I invoke the spirits and souls of my dead relatives, because on their shoulders they carry me through this.  My feet walk the paths that they walked in life.  Benediction I ask of my Dead.
I invoke the sublime power and influence of the 21 Commissions of Spirits.  Court of the Shamans, Court of the Madamas, , Court of the Gypsies, Court of the Sailors,  Court of the Native People, Court of the Oriental Spirits, Court of the Arabian Spirits, Court of the Healing Spirits,  Court of the Congo Spirits, Court of the Saints,, Court of the Hindu Gods,  Courts of the Angels, Court of the Slaves, Court of the Child Spirits, Court of the Blessed Souls in Purgitory, Court of the Liberators, Court of the Nomads, Court of the Legendary Heroes, Court of the African Mysteries, Court of the Elementals, Court of the Johns and Maries, and to all the infinite Courts of Heaven.  May I obtain success, elevation and advancements within this life and the following.  Benediction to the Commission of Spirits. 

I invoke the guiding hands of my Guardian Spirit, and the watchful eyes of the 21 Chief Sanses, Mysteries, Elevated Saints and Archangel, so that the stars within heaven be a road map to the Celestial Court.  May they keep away all evil thoughts, ill will and bad intentions that my enemies may have for me.  Benediction to my Guardian Spirit, the Sanses, the Mysteries, the Elevated Saints and the Archangel.

I invoke God so that my home may prosper, my good affairs in life increase, and so that I may receive inner peace in all my earthly under takings.  Benediction heavenly father, immortal and all powerful.

I invoke the Queen Mother of Heaven and Angels.  Oh Queen Mother of my devotion do not forsake me and keep your watchful eye upon me.  Envelope me within your Holy Shawl and Mantle.  Benediction Holy Mother of Heaven. 

Oh, Great Power of God, I implore your sublime help so that you may part from my path and keep away all that is detrimental to my well being, mental health and spiritual growth.  May my pathways in life receive the light of your heavenly watch tower, and may I receive the heavenly benediction of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Amen.

Prayer to Saint Sebastian

O Lord, grant us a spirit of strength. Taught by the glorious example of Your martyr, Saint Sebastian, may we learn to obey You rather than men. 

O Glorious St Sebastian, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, to you do we raise our hearts and hands to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from God the Father all the helps and graces necessary for our spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of living a holy life, courage to face all perils of my believe and even to sacrifice my life as the cost of my faith and this special favour we now implore.  O, special guardian, guard me from the diseases and accidents, we feel animated with confidence that your intercession on my behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God.

In Puerto Rico San Sebastian is often known as or called, San Se, or Sanse. A popular theory of the root of the word Sanse, among Puerto Ricans comes from the Centinela Principle Spirit Guide who is associated with San Sebastian in Puerto Rico. On the island, San Sebastian is often called, San SE, or Sanse, for short.  in Japan the word Sensei means, person who was born before, or Teacher or Master.   Puerto Rican Sanse has its roots in Haitian Voodoo and Dominican 21 Division.  Thus Sanse is a branch of Voodoo, while Santerismo is a branch of Cuban Santeria, with, both greatly influenced by Puerto Rican Brujeria, and Mesa Blanca Espiritismo.

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