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15 DAYS: 230 EUROS or 300 DOLLARS


jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013


 Restless Spirits

To speak of a spiritual path that deals with evolving oneself and connecting and communication with spirits of light, one also must speak of those spirits that cause confusion, discord and are of a disruptive nature.  

Being of Puerto Rican decent naturally most of my clients are Puerto Rican and some suffer from what is labeled as "PRS" Puerto Rican syndrome.  Yes this is a real medical term, and is known to Puerto Ricans as Ataque de Nervios.  Many medical doctors and psychiatrist dealing with Puerto Rican patients understand the importance of not just helping Puerto Ricans cope with mental issues and disorders, but helping them find a spiritual way or outlet in keeping PRS under control.   Most Puerto Ricans like many people of Hispanic decent do not completely believe or have faith in psychiatric methods, so they search for a spiritual healer to help them in keeping under control el Ataque de Nervios.  Hispanics who come from rural pueblos understand that in order to be well, one must keep in balance physical, mental and spiritual health.  When I have a client I try to understand if the problem is a problema material or a problema espiritual.  If the problem is of a material nature it is my responsibility in instructing the person to make an appointment with a medical physician, or counselor, if the problem is spiritual I do what I can in helping the individual and if it is more than I can handle I help them find an Espiritista, Brujo or Santero that is capable of helping the individual.  If I can help the individual, I try through spiritual consultation to determine the origin of the problem.  When I find the origin of the cause of el Ataque, which is not as easy as it sounds, I prescribe ritual baths, despojos, prayers, and other methods in lifting the causa.

Puerto Rican syndrome is a pseudo epilepsy or psychosomatic disorder known in Spanish as Ataque de Nervios, which can cause the individual suffering from it convulsions, foaming of the mouth, screaming, fainting, biting, kicking, shaking in seizures and fainting. Many Puerto Ricans believe they know its origins.  This syndrome that comes on when a person is under great stress has in some part to do with the belief and dealing with sorcery, curses, hexes, or lower level demons, and tormented souls, brought upon the individual by dabbling in black magic, or the recipient of a curse or witchcraft.   It is important to understand that not all Ataques have to do with sorcery or black magic.  Some have to do with a person suffering a susto (fright or soul loss)  while others also border between mental and spiritual, and it is my job in helping them spiritually but also instructing them to seek psychiatric help in order to balance both.  And there are many when the problem is a mental disorder and these individual need more help that we can not possibly give.  As a spiritual worker we must be responsible and careful in not making it worse for the person.

The origins of los Ataque de Nervios has its origins both in Africa and of the native Tainos. The Spanish would keep diaries or chronicles on how these people suffered.  Both the African women and Taino women would scream, cry, pull their hair, shake in convulsions and foam in the mouth when they where placed under great stress.

Many individuals who invoke lower level spirits and demons do so for personal gain, controlling or causing harm whether it be in defeating an enemy or causing harm on a rival, in matters of love, or for obtaining power.  Alot of people invoke these spirits with very little knowledge of what they are getting themselves into and far less on what they are doing, what they are inviting into their lives, what they are unleashing and who in actuality they are invoking, with out understanding that there is always a high  price to be paid when working with this lower class of entities.   Some also go to Nigromanticos,  priests of the dark arts, Brujos, and Hechizero Diableros shamans and pay expensive prices for them to call on these entities, usually to cause harm or for gain.   It is widely known in Hispanic communities that Nigromantes exclusively work with lower entities and lower demons because of how quick results are given.  The reason for the quick results is in part because of how close they are to the realm of the living, and because of their greet hunger for material offerings.

The Intranquil Spirits where almost virtually unheard of, unknown or forgotten outside the Hispanic communities, unless one was initiated into these traditions that dealt with them, or new personally of one who practiced these arcane secret societies.  It took the English translation of a popular Spanish prayer book titled La Fe en la Oracion, used amongst the Hispanic occult community to revive these spirits into the English speaking communities.  One of the prayers has been widely excepted by the English speaking communities and can be found all over the Internet as a Prayer to the Intranquil Spirits in love magic.  Pink 7 day candles (the color of passion) can be found in botanicas, ritual supply shops and Hispanic bodegas through out the United States and are recently becoming a popular item in New Age shops and catalogs.  
But let me give the warning, these spirits should be avoided entirely.

Traditional Spanish invocations to the Intranquil Spirits are titled, Oraciones a los 7 Espiritus Intranquiloslos Siete Demonios Capitales.   This presumption is wrong.  The Seven Deadly Sins are Higher Demons, that rule over minions of fallen angels and demons and they where not created into a human body, although they can posses humans.  The Intranquil Spirits once lived in the material plane and are the tortured ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists of rapists, murderers, serial killers, and demented individuals.  They are the damned trapped earth bound souls in an astral plane very close to the plane of material existence. 

Hechizeros and Nigromantes that work with the intranquil spirits, never do so in their own homes.  To do so is willingly inviting the Spirit to reside within the home, or worse on the body.  (Haunted House / Haunted Individual). These Hechizeros and Nigromantes, always work outdoors in the dead of night, usually in burial grounds or cemeteries and under the protection of a Guide, in Hispanic traditions this guide is usually, in the Caribbean El Baron del Cementerio,  and in Mexico and South America under La Santa Muerte, or a Catholic saint that they associate with the Baron.  To work with these spirits within the home is to surely invite the entity to reside within the home. Note in Sanse we work with San Elias del Monte Carmelo and is one of the Seven Jefes Divisiones of Misterios, Los 7 Jefes de Sanse, The Seven Chiefs of Sanse, La Siete Division.  He is invoked under El Baron del Cementerio to help protect us from black magic and restless spirits. While San Miguel aids us in spiritual combat. Every positive has a negative. 

The first offering to the intranquil spirits usually consists of an offering made at an entrance to a burial ground, this offering usually consists of coins, tobacco and liquor.  After they grant your desire these spirits will want more and more, until they obtain an animal sacrifice.  (Animal Sacrifice is not performed in Sanse, Santerismo or Espiritismo, as blood is the most sacred of substance and only God's to take.). If the person invoking the Intranquil Spirits does not give them what they ask, they will eventually turn on the practitioner. 
It is important to understand that the intranquil spirits are usually attracted to weak individuals, those who suffer some form of mental disorder and anguish.  Anyone who works with Higher Spirits such as the Saints, a Centinela, Spirit Guide, Corte, Commission or Angel should not work with lower level entities.  In Spanish we call this, ensuciando tu Cuadro or ensuciando el Altar. Literally means making ones altar dirty, or relieving oneself upon ones Spirit Guides.  When an individual does so, their Cuadro Espiritual becomes weakened as the Spirit Guides abandon the individual, and it is hard to restore the relationship.  They are always present in your life, but they must step aside so one reaps what they sow.
Also it is a Hispanic folk belief that when one works with an Intranquil Spirit, one is literally selling their soul to the Devil.  It is a common belief amongst Hispanics that if one works with the Intranquil Spirit, one is making a deal to switch places or swap positions with this spirit.  For example, upon ones death one become a restless soul, and the Intranquil Spirit comes back to life, usually in the person who invoked them bloodline.  This is where the saying "the sins of the Father" falls into place.

Many individuals seak the Intranquil Spirits in love spells, this in itself is foolish, the person may return, but will never truly love the individual, in most cases they become obsessive and abusive, physically or mentally.  Also when working with the Intranquil Spirits one must be warned that this group of spirits are very greedy and possessive of the person who invites them into their lives.  Also everything they give you is not permanent and quickly will be taken away, causing the person to invoke them again, this becomes a dangerous and often deadly cycle.   
One can break the dangerous cycle, by reconnecting with God, and the Higher Spirits of Light, but this is truly rare, since the individual has to find purity in heart and  practice pure Love, Faith, Hope and Charity.  Which in reality and borrowing from the text from the scriptures.  "It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.'

As humans we are not perfect, and we must and will make errors and commit offenses along the way in order to learn.  Do we really need the help of lower level spirits?

Siete Demonios Capitales.  Seven Deadly Sins are. 

Envy: Leviathan: An enormous demon of darkness and chaos; inspires arrogance and envy. 
Gluttony: Beelzebub: The prince of demons; the lord of the flies; inspires gluttony, unholy desire, jealousy, war, and murder. 

Greed: Mammon: Demon of wealth; son of the Devil; inspires gross injustice, idolatry, greed and the love of money over all other things. 

Lust: Asmodeus: Demon of wrath; prince of demons; the father of monsters; inspires gambling, deceit, lust, and revenge. 

Pride: Lucifer: A great angel cast into Hell; also known as the light bringer, the bearer of light, and the morning star; inspires pride and rebellion. 

Sloth: Belphegor: Demon of indifference; inspires extreme laziness and spiritual apathy. 

Wrath: Satan: An angel expelled from heaven; evil personified; the great adversary; inspires mankind to turn away from God; inspires mortal sins. 


This is not a complete list, just the most known.

* Espiritus de la Ira
* Espíritus Ignorante
* Espíritus Traviesos
* Espíritus Destructivos
* Espiritus Burlones
* Espiritus Confusos
* Espiritus Atrasados
* Espiritus Dominantes
* Espiritus Perturbados
* Espiritus del Desespero
* Espiritu del Odio
* Espiritu Trastornado
* Espiritus Errantes
* Espiritus del Tormento
* Espiritus del Desarollo
* Espiritus del la Desilucion
* Espiritu del Retiro
* Espiritus Engañosos
* Espiritus de la Discordia
* Espiritus de la Ravia
* Espiritus Arogantes
* Espiritus de la Angustia
* Espiritus de la Desgracia

Intranquil Spirit Prayer

O, Intranquil Spirit, you that in Hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven, hear me, o, hear me.
I want you to grasp the five senses of (n.n.) and do not let him/her rest in peace,  that he/she should think only of seeing me, smelling me, hearing me, tasting me, and touching me, that he/she should find himself/herself as desperate as the waters of the seas and as torn as the wind in the storm until he/she returns to me, that he/she should run and run until he/she humbly falls at my feet because nobody will help him/her.
That neither a divorced woman/man nor a married woman/man, a widow/widower, nor a virgin woman/man, shall ever love him/her, but only me and me alone.
(N.N.)  I conjure you before the cross and God Almighty, that you are to run after me as the living run after the cross and the dead run after the light.  So be it.


In the Holy Name of God, I invoke you.  Spirit that Dominates, Spirit of Disorder Intranquil Spirits, Restless Spirits, Spirit of John the Conquer, Spirit of John of the Crossroads, Spirit of John the Miner,  Spirit of Juan of the Road, Spirits of the Four Winds, that find your self in all paths and all directions.    Spirits of Enchantment, Spirit of Saint Mark de Leon, Spirit of Saint Martha the Dominator, and Saint Helen of Jerusalem.  Spirit of Saint Salvador, and of Saint Ines of the Lost Forest, Spirit of Mary of the Light, 

I conjure and invoke thee so that you may aid me in dominating the Five senses of (n.n.).
I conjure the Spirit Guide of (n.n.)  on the holy day in which he was baptized, and for the night he was consumed and for the hour he was born, and for the moment in which he shall die. 
I conjure you in front of this sacred flame, let the light represent his head, his body, his arms, his legs, his eyes, his ears, his nose, his mouth. 

Hear me oh Spirit that Dominates, that (n.n.)  may not sleep in peace, walk in peace, breath in peace, eat in peace, drink in peace, until humbly he is at my feet full of love and desire only for me.

Bring him crawling on all fours as an obedient dog and as tame as a lamb.  
With one I See you.  With two I Bind You.
With three I Break you.  Blood I shall pour, and your heart I shall break.  
Dominated in mind, body, and Spirit.  
You shall not look upon another without seeing me, you shall not think unless your thoughts are of me.   My words they dominate you, my eyes shall blind you, and my Desire will break you.  As I desire, so shall it be.


Oh Seven Intranquil Spirits, you that in Hell reside and in the Kingdom of Heaven you shall never set a foot.
I offer you these 21 candles and I ask that you seek what I ask of you.
No one calls upon you, I invoke you. Hear my words!  Hear my words!
It is the witching hour and I stand naked giving you light. So that you may have the faculties to give what I ask.  
Spirit of Hate, I invoke thee.
Spirit of Desperation, I invoke thee.
Spirit of Discord, I invoke thee.
Spirit of Mysery, I invoke thee.  
Spirit of Disruption, I invoke thee.
Spirit of Confusion, I invoke thee. 
Spirit of Rage, I invoke you.
O Seven Intranquil Spirits, Dominate in mind, body, and soul those who are my enemies and wish to cause me harm.
As I will it, So shall it be. 


With one I see you.
With two I recognize you.
With three I bind and torment you.  
O Spirit of Rage, I call on you.
O Spirit of Anger, I call you.
O Spirit of Hate, hear my plea in this hour of disgrace.
I desire that you inspire within me eternal hate against those who offend me.  May they not see me coming, and may they disappear ever from my presence.  As I will it. So shall it be. 


Juan the Conqueror, Juan of the Crossroads, and Juan the Miner.  You that dared enter the holy temple and steal of the sacraments.  I ask you to enter the heart of (n.n.) and steel his affection from my rivals. 
Quiet the mouth of my rival, and have her lay down in defeat.
Do not allow the man I lost to sit in a chair, nor lay in a bed.  Give him no moments of rest, tranquility, nor harmony until at my feet he comes begging for mercy.
Spirits of the Four Horsemen, Black Horse, White Horse, Brown Horse, Auburn.
Spirit of Juan Minero, for the caverns you work and toil.  
I ask that you to work, and toil and dominate the heart of (n.n.). This I ask with much faith.  So be it. 

These invocations to the Intranquil Spirits are just but a few of the countless Spanish invocations that exist, many also implore Demons and offerings of animal sacrifice and tobacco, but I purposely excluded them as they really are to blasphemous to even  mention. 


There is an old Puerto Rican tale about a witch who lived in a rural area of Puerto Rico.  Everyone in her Pueblo knew that she was a witch who practiced what was considered both white and black magic.  
The old Witch was alone in the world, she had became a widow at a young age, loosing her husband in a war and had lost all her children when they where very young.
The folks of the small pueblo often spoke of how the poor old Witch was known for her ataque de nervios because of all the sorrow and pain she had gone through in life.  Some would say she suffered these Atauque de nervios, for dabbling in the black arts, and she was often heard wailing and crying alone at night, with no one to console nor comfort her.
Although the Witch practiced magic, as is a custom in Hispanic countries, she was also a devout Catholic and was very fond of Saint Michael.
Each Sunday the old witch would weight for the congregation to leave the old church.  Then she would quietly enter the church and kneel before a large plaster statue of Saint Michael and pray.
When she was done, at the foot of the statue she would light two candles, one red and one black.
This always puzzled the Padre of the church, but he never bothered her on her weekly ritual.
One afternoon as the congregation left the church and the Padre was gathering the psalm books from the pews, he saw the old woman performing her weekly ritual at the foot of the large statue of San Miguel, and offerings of the red candle and the black candle.
The Padre's curiosity was overwhelming, he approached the old woman, and politely asked her the mystery and reason behind her always lighting both the red candle and the black one.
" Señora, Con Permiso, may I ask why you light two candles to San Miguel?  One red and one black?"  
At first this startled the old Witch, since everyone avoided her, and no one had spoken to her in years.
"Bueno Padrecito". She said looking up at him.  Then looking at the statue and pointing at the figure of Saint Michael, sword in hand, and then at the Diablo at his feet.
"In this life I have been good and I have been bad, I have done wright and I have done wrong.  I am up there in age and soon alone I shall pass. And I can not predict where my soul will go.  Will it go to Heaven or will it go to Hell?  So why not have a friend in both places.'

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