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15 DAYS: 230 EUROS or 300 DOLLARS


viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

El Desarollo

 Spiritual Development within Espiritismo

Within Espiritismo and Sanse one will often hear the term desarollando las facultades espirituales or developing ones spiritual faculties, which is the ability with the help of elders in developing ways of being an instrument for spiritual communication between the realm of the living and the realm of spirit.  This in Espiritismo as is with Sanse starts at a very young age and is harnessed through ceremonies such as the Investigacion and through baptismal.  In Sanse one also goes through receiving various Puntos to one's Sance spirits, and Lavadas de Cavesa "refresco de cavesa" which are essential and of great importance for building the foundation for one's Spiritual frame; which in tern aids an individual in better communication and being able to control the spirits that use the Medium's physical body to convey messages, and to protect the Medium from violent possesions.  For the sake of my readers, although in Spanish Espiritistas and Sancistas are also called Mediamidades, I will use the English word Medium through out this section.  

The act of being a Medium is also called psychophony, but in order for me to continue with this article, I would like to define the word.  Psychophony from the Greek word psyke, which is the name given by Spiritism Religion for the phenomenon of humans mediums being messengers or vessels of spiritual communication between both realms of existence. Psychophony can be channeling spirits or receiving information from the Spirits within electronic objects such as television sets, radio, cameras or even a playing deck of cards.  The most used form of psychophony within the Caribbean Latino community, is a spirit using the body or voice of a Medium as a means of conveying information through channeling or through mounting  
There are generally two types of Mediums, the conscious Medium which can be broken down into two, the semi conscious  Medium and the fully conscious Medium, then there is the unconscious Medium.

The conscious Medium is an individual who conveys messages from the spirits while aware of his settings and surroundings.  They work in a light trance and are completely aware of the messages being brought forth by the spirits and of their natural surroundings.  They can receive messages through any of the sences, such as sight, hearing, feeling, taisting or smelling, and can also use instruments of communication such as a pendulum, seashells, or even a deck of tarot cards.  Many use Ouija boards, but this object is often fround apon by the Hispanic community as a form of conmunication with earthbound, trickster, intranquil spirits or lower denons. 
'It is also important to note that Intuitive Mediums and writing Mediums fall under this category." 

The unconscious Mediums are those that go into a deeper trance, and often do not remember anything that happens while the Spirit takes control of the body.  They are in a somnambulist state, like sleepwalking, where the body is fully animated, and can speak and hear, although what is spoken or heard is often forgotten when the Medium comes back.  Writing Mediums may also fall within this category as well. 

The conscious (including the semi-conscious and fully conscious) speaking Medium whom works in a lighter trance and has a certain consciousness of what the manifesting spirit is saying, while the words are being said, after the communication, he or she vaguely remembers what was said, these Mediums are the most common.  The unconscious speaking Medium works in a deeper trance. He or she does not remember anything about the communication or what was said, when the spirit leaves. This is also called somnambulist psychophony (when the Medium is in the somnambulistic state, his or her spirit disengages easily from the body). These Mediums are much more rare. 
" Canalista = a  channel is a verb and Medium is a noun.
Channel describes and Medium labels."

Desarrollo de Facultades

Within Espiritismo and Sanse, ones spiritual faculties greatly depends on the relationship one has with one's spiritual family, spirit guide and spiritual frame, as well as ones psychic faculties.  I will briefly discuss the five major psychic faculties, also known as psychic abilities or extra sensory perception, ESP. They are as follows, clairvoyance, clairsentience,  clairaudience,  clairalience,  claircognizance and clairgustance.  

Although all are known and practiced within the Latino Community, traditionally speaking three are most common.  Clarividentes "videntes" are clairvoyant, those who can see the Spirits, Auditivos are those that display clairaudience abilities and can hear the voices of spirits, while Sensativos are clairsentience and can sense when a spiritual pressence is near.  Typically within Espiritismo all three work as mutual benefactors for the other.  But one is more predominant as the Medium develops and harnesses these skills at a young age.  While the second and third play a symbiosis part in the development process, as the Medium grows, learns and acquires spiritual faculties and experiences through out life, although much of ones spiritual faculties is innate or like the five senses is inherent or inherited by other family members.   

The concept of one's innate senses stems from past life experiences, and reincarnation.  While many believe it to be "el don" or the spiritual gifts given to an individual by God, this of course is true, but it is also knowledge acquired and received from past lives, which are brought into this life, and the next.  This of course happens more frequently for those who where spiritual or religious in a past life, then lets say those who in a past life where not.   The egsistance of past lives play a key role in ones spiritual progressions and faculties within this life and future reincarnations. 

Which leads to the question.  Why are some individuals more spiritually advanced or have more psychic abilities or spiritual faculties then others? Or.  "Why are some individuals born psychic or have mediumistic abilities and others do not?  To answer this question, we must understand that we are all born with psychic abilities and spiritual faculties that are brought from previous past lives, which in often cases is forgotten as life goes from infant, to child, to young adult to adulthood. 

The progression of many individuals spiritual faculties has alot to do with the will of God, as much as it has to do with ones family members, background, family beliefs and ones social and living settings, ones connection to Spirit Guides, and spiritual frame and ones personal motivation for developing these faculties. 

As I stated we are all born with these abilities, but they can either be forgotten with our physical growth in this life, or nourished, and harnessed.  In todays present society, these abilities are frowned apon, and seen as things of imagination and fantasies.  Often parents of children who display these abilities, do all in their power to stop its progression, or is often frowned apon and viewed as the work of malicious forces, Demoms or the Devil.  Often times the abilities are strong in some, and no matter how much a parent tries to shelter or protect a child from "seeing apparitions or Ghosts" which usually starts of with the typical Imaginary Friend, it becomes stronger as times passes, many times it grows weaker.  For those that it becomes stronger, often times the parents seek out help from a Doctor, a psychiatrist or a parish Priest, which often leeds in causing the child to feel abnormal, depressed and often becomes a solitary individual.  Often not understanding and fearing the natural abilities he/she was born with.   Many times a child who has strong psychic abilities or medium abilities and does not obtain proper training of their abilities often starts with the child seeing imaginary friends and often progresses to spirits of a malicious nature.   For this reason Hispanics often bring their children to centros and templos, so that they may learn to develop, control and tap into their spiritual abilities. 

At a young age and if and when emerging mediamistic faculties or psychic abilities arise, those Hispanics who follow or believe in Espiritismo or Sanse bring their children to a Centro Espiritista or to a village Bruja, a Sancista and even a Santero, and a misa is done for the child.   If the child has strong spiritual faculties he/she is taken under the wing and guidance of an elder and becomes an apprentice and receives baptisms or other developing rites of passages according to the tradition, which in tern makes the one performing the baptismal or other ceremonies the Godfather or Godmother to the child, the child in tern then becomes the Ahijado or Ahijada.  In modern days, unlike times long passed, a person displaying mediamistic or psychic abilities enters into the Centros during their young adult stage, usually from 16 to 24.  When a child is taken in it is under the watchful eye of the parents, in the hopes that the child will grow, develop, control, harness, and learn how to regulate his faculties, which in tern will not only benefit the child but assures that in the future his/her faculties are used for the greater good and welfare of others and the community.   

Education Within a Centro or Templo

A Spiritual Reunion or Misa is an event that although may serve many purposes, has three major function which are interdependent of each other and are as follows. 

1). For those who make up the congregation, their Causas are lifted, and solutions for problems with a spiritual origin are analyzed and solved.

2).  Ignorant, malicious or earthbound spirits are orientated or educated, and often prayed for so that they may leave the material plane and understand the misfortunes it may be causing.

3). Developing Mediums of all ages have the opportunities in participating, learning and obtaining skills by observing their elders. 

For the  developing Mediums, Espiritismo reunions and meetings provides a safe haven in which to explore and learn the spiritual world under the guidance of their Godparents, the Presidente de Mesa and other advanced Mediums who completely understand the realm of Spirit.
The Centro or Templo serves not only as a meeting place for veneration, but as a spiritual school.  While the Misas, Reuniones and Sesiones serve as educational classrooms, the Presidente de Mesa is like the Dean or Head Master, the Mediamidad de Mano Derecha and elder Mediums roles are similar to that of teachers or professors, while the under developed, developing mediums and the congregations are the alumni.  

As I have stated earlier, in pressent day many individuals who possess mediamistic or psychic abilities do not enter a centro or a templo until young adulthood.  But in many hispanic families, these children receive home schooling by a Grandparent, parent or aunt or uncles who are believers in Espiritismo, Santerismo or Sanse and when they are old enough to choose, make the choice if they want to except their gifts and pursue their spiritual lessons and become a part of a centro or templo. 

Many times Mediamistic and psychic abilities skip a generation or two, leaving the young child who displays these faculties lost, alone, misunderstood and confused.  Usually unsupported by their families who are either Catholics or Pentecostals, they make the choice to secretly join a centro, templo or casa de santo.  

In the beginning many developing mediums who never displayed mediamistic or psychic faculties have doubts about the authenticity of the communication they are receiving from the realm of spirit.  They often have self doubts and are not sure if the information they receive from the spirits, is in fact a spirit or the fragment of their imagination.  Often this self doubts makes them reluctant in participation in Sesiones or Veladas,

It is the responsibility of not just the Grandparents but also the advanced Mediums who are in charge of the Reunions to have patience with those who are in the stages of development.  Little by little the developing mediums are asked to share any impressions or information they may receive, but in this stage their is never pressure.  Only when the developing Mediums are completely confident are they asked to share any messages they may receive from the spirits.  As the developing Mediums become more confident and are shown how to understand any messages they may be receiving, are they asked to share.  If the developing Medium is gifted and demonstrates signs of "videncias' they slowly begin to have faith in their spiritual faculties.  They come to realize they have gifts, when the Presidente de Mesa asks if the Videncias are true or false to the person who received thevidencias.  If they are true, or fit a circumstance it is "Comprobado", proven. 

Elder, Advanced Mediums and family members emphasize the importance of how a developing medium acquires the necessary skills and faculties in becoming an effective medium while learning through intent observation and practice.   

Developing the skills in becoming an effective medium requires much learning, and each Centro or Templo teaches a bit differently.  But each agrees that one can only learn through, patience, observation and participation.  A developing medium does not only learn the proper prayers, and how to conduct a safe and effective spiritual session.  They are also taught the skills of how to differentiate between beneficial spirits and malicious spirits.  This is an important lesson because it teaches the developing medium how to understand the various spiritual fluids and vibrations that they are receiving.  

This is an essential skill in the practice of mediumship because the inability to differentiate between beneficial spirits and malicious spirits can be detrimental to the developing medium as he/she may follow the advice of ignorant, malicious or earthbound spirits.  

Many Espiritistas describe the fluides of malicious entities as a hot feeling, as if one is feeling flustered, fatigued, unease or disoriented.  Symptoms may also include sharp headaches, nausea, a sharp feeling in the back of the head, or a discomfort in the lower back.  Many times the Espiritista will feel nervous or chills, as the hairs in the back of the neck tingles, and finger go numb.  Also if the fluids of the spirit is strong, one will feel sharp pains indicating how the spirit may have died.  When the fluids are of a beneficial spirit, the feeling is described as cool, calm, refreshing and harmonious.  

Another important  step in developing ones spiritual faculties is the ability of concentration.  Mediums during Sesiones and Reuniones must learn to shut out the material world and its distractions and have complete consentration on the Reunion.  A union of thought must be obtained with all Mediums pressent in order for the sesiones to be successful, and so that communication with the world of spirit may be obtained.  For this reason it is imperative that all electronica devices are turned off, cell phones are placed in silence, phones are disconected and any distraction is removed.  The focal point of the reuniones are the prayers, chants and songs, and if there is to be music, it must be of a spiritual nature.  

Once a developing medium learns how to concentrate, not only within the Centro but with meditation and quiet contemplation within their homes, then they prepare to learn the skills of "pasando espiritus, pasar muertos or montando seres", translated into English this would be referred to as passing the spirits or being mounted by the spirits.  Within Espiritismo, Santeria and Sanse the word possession is never used.  The word possession has negative undertones with in the Hispanic community, as it is used to describe the phenomenon that occurs when a demonic entity takes control of an individual, often by force.  Pasar Muerto, or Montando Muertos means that one is willing to host  a spirit within the body for the purpose of helping others, the Medium has control, while possession is often used as not having control of the body or a spirit forcefully intruding in an individuals body.   

To Pasar los Espiritus, the Medium must learn to alter their subconscious mind into the state of trance, which is easier for advanced Mediums and not experienced by most.  This of course greatly depends if the Medium is a conscious, semi conscious or  unconscious medium, which I described in the begging of this post.  

Within the Espiritimo Centro the unconscious medium is known as la Medimidad de Mano Derecha, which is often a medium who has participated in the Centro for a long time and is well respected through out the community.  He/she is often  sought by many people because they have proven themselves to the community.   These Mediums are very popular amongst Caribbean Hispanics and aee believed to be more powerful because they feel that the videncias given are more accurate, reliable and valid.  Others prefer to go to a concious or semi concious Medium and recieve the information through a Velada or a private consultation using an oracle of divination such as a deck of cards or tarot.  

Most Mediamidad de la Mano Derecha describe their role within the Centro and community as being one that allows the Spirit to take complete control so that what the spirits are trying to say will not be contaminated by personal opinions or factors.  Of course being a medium that passes spirits has its disadvantages.  For one, the medium being mounted often has no recollection or memory of what the Spirit says.  Another disadvantage is  injury to the physical body, for this reason a Medium who mounts spirits must have an individual that safe guards the physical body of the person being mounted from injury.  Often times, this role is given to an ahijado who stands behind the medium, protecting the body from any harm.  Also with out another knowledgeable Medium, which is often the Presidente de Mesa or Mediums being present, it can be possible that an ignorant or obsessed spirit may come through, which can be dangerous for the Medium who is pasando muerto.  Another important thing to understands that those who become mountad by spirit, often come back drained, tired and fatigued and often spend the following day recuperating from the energy absorbed by the spirit that mounted the medium.  
In Puerto Rico, there is a saying for the Mediums who become mounted by Spirits.  "Por cada muerto que pasas, tres gotas de sangre y un dia de vida perderas.". For each Spirit that mounts, three drops of blood and one day of life is lost.

The concious Mediums are greater in number, as it is believed to be safer,  as the Mediums do have control over their body at all times, but many believe that the messages received by the spirits can be contaminated with the Mediums personal biases or views on the matter at hand.  
But no matter if the Medium is concious or unconscious, they must have complete control of the situation, either by better judgment or the watchful eyes of other experienced Mediums.  Within both Espiritismo and Sanse, one needs to make sure that the physical body of the medium is not in harms way, or if a spirit is aggressive, how to quickly banish it from the Medium who is mounted. 

Within Sanse one receives ceremonies to insure that violent spirits never mount the Sancista, while in Espiritismo precautions are always learned on dealing with negative or malicious entities.  

In Sanse before a Medium ever becomes mounted by a Spirit, they know the names of their Centinela and Guardian Spirit, which punto of Legba and Guede makes up their Cuadro Espiritual and they also receive ceremonies in which they recieve puntos to the Sances or Seres that make up their spitual family,and that they will work with for the rest of their lifetime, which insures protection from being mounted by earthbound or malicious spirits.  

Trabajando la Causa, or working the cause, is another important skill that young Mediums must learn.  They must learn to recognize ignorant or malicious spirits, and learn how to remove negative fluidos left behind by these spirits, which can affect those who have no knowledge or be picked up by the Medium which can be detrimental to ones spiritual growth.

Evidencias or Revelaciones "evidence and revelations" is also a skill that a medium must learn.  They must learn how to interper the messages received by spirit, and how to properly relay the messages to the intended individual.  They must also learn to be sensitive and careful when interpreting these messages as some can be of a private nature and should only be told to the individual alone and not in front of the congregation.   Privacy and confidentiality is an important skill that all Mediums must learn.  

The developing Medium will always learn many leasons through out life, but these are the lessons they will learn within a Centro, Templo or with a family who practiced Espiritismo or Sanse at home.  But one of the greatest lesson and skills a Medium should learn is Control.  Control over the Spirit that may mount the body, control over a Sesion or Reunion, control over trance or becoming mounted by spirit, control on how to turn on and off their clairvoyant abilities, and if not turn them off,  control or not allow it to consume other aspects of their lives and the most important Control of the Ego which can be very detrimental.

A Developing Mediums must learn to be receptive to the spiritual world and interpret effectively the revelations they receive from the realm of spirits. 

Luz, Progresso y Santo Dia, y Que la Misericordia de Papa Buen Dios Todopoderoso,
 y tus Guias y Sanse siempre este con ud. 
Departe de Hermano BRUJO INCA. / Sansista Brujo INCA y mi Guia Principal, Cachita Tumbo

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