15 DÍAS: 230 EUROS o 300 DÓLARES



15 DAYS: 230 EUROS or 300 DOLLARS


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One of the most important and widely used decks within the Hispanic community for divination and fortune telling is La Baraja Española.  This deck is the one used by Curanderos, Hechizeros, Espiritistas, Brujos, Gitana, Santiguadores, Santeras and Sancistas, from Mexico all the way through Argentina, the Caribbean and Spain.  If you have ever received a Consulta in a Botanica you will notice that this is the deck used by Latinos for videncia 99% of the time.  Although in recent years with the popularoty el Gran Tarot Esoterico and other Spanish titled decks, el Tarot are becoming more fashionable.  

Like the Tarot deck each naipe "card" has a traditional meaning or a singular key word that is used to represent the meaning of el naipe "the card".  Usually a novice is given a deck of the Baraja with a key single word written with ink until the novice learns the meanings by heart and receives a new baraja "deck" without the written words. 

Traditionally the deck is not purchased by the reader, but given as a gift from an elder, a Padrino / Madrina or someone in the family, or inherited from one's grandmother or godparents. The old inherited decks are not used for consultas but placed on the altar within a wooden box as a ritual item believed to hold much psychic energies; and link to its previous owner or as a vehicle in which one connects with ones Pitonisa.  It is also said that traditionally Spanish gypsies and brujas stole the deck, as one who personally purchases the deck takes away from its prophetic abilities.  (This is also true with Holy Water, one never purchases it.)  I by no means am I condoning thievery, but if you purchase your own deck, then use them as an offering to your Madama or Gitano Spirits or to play the Brisca card game, as these cards should be received as a gift from an elder, family member or client.   Or you can put them on your wish list for your next birthday or Christmas gift.

When using the Baraja Española the whole deck is used, usually in piles of 6 across and 8 piles down or 8 across with 6 piles going down.  Each naipe is interpreted left to right, and if additional questions are asked after the Spiritual Consultation, then from top to bottom.  Hispanics generally do not use any popular spreads associated with Tarot cards such as the Celtic Cross or Gypsy spread, or none of the New Age spreads that are associated with the Tarot.  All the cards within the baraja are interpreted and the Consultation can last anywhere from 30 minutes, to an hour.  But one can use a three card spred, the celtic cross or any spred one chooses.

You will notice in a Botanica setting that the Consultant usually will have an empty chair near the Consultation room which often faces towards the entrance of the consultation room, with a glass of water, a lit cigar or even a cigarette.  The empty chair is usually reserved for one of the Consultant's Spirit Guide that presides over the consulta "reading" and the tobacco smoke is used as an offering to the spirits as a way of having the words of the reading reach the Spirits, or make a connection with one's spirit to help with Videncias.  (Clairvoyance)  The water is there to help with Spiritual fluids.  Some also use the cigarTOBACOMANCY  in cohesion with the deck, meaning they interpret the ashes formed on the rim of the cigar as well as the formation and direction of the smoke.

The deck is often kept in a wooden box which guards and.protects the cards when not in use, this wooden box is called a caja de muertos, cofre, or ataùd.


The various suits in a Baraja Española are known as Palos, and each Palo goes from strongest to weakest.  The strongest Palo is the Espadas "Swords" then Oros "Coins' followed by Copas, "Cups" and finally Bastos "Clubs".  They represent social classes and economical statutes.  Espadas the Warriors or the military.  Oro, the Well to Do, the merchants.  Copas, family, religion and spirituality and Bastos, the workers of the land, or peasants.  Also each represents an element, a division of spirits and a sexual gender.

Espadas. Swords, Air Male, White Division, The Rada. The Orisha, the Nago, the Ogun Division. The Belcanes.

Oro. Coins, Earth Female.  Earth Division. Las Comisiones, Las Cortes Espirituales,  Las Metresas. The Gypsies

Copas. Cups, Water Female, Indian Division, Division Agua Dulce, Native American Spirits. The Zemis, the Cemi.  Las Metresas. Female Loa and Orisha. 

Bastones. Clubs, Fire Male, Preto Division, Black Division. The Guedeh. The Legbas. The Candelos.

Looking at the deck  you will notice that only two of the Palos as a whole can be completely reversible, this being the feminine Oros and the Copas,  while the masculine Bastos and Espadas only a few are reversible.   Also traditionally it is known that Copas and Bastones are palos that are of a beneficial posative nature, while Oro and Espadas are of a detrimental and negative nature.   This does not mean that Oros or Espadas are evil, they are opposing forces of nature that bring upon balance; they are like Ying and Yang, night and day.   Oros and Copas represent the influencers of the feminine Moon, or things of a nocturnal nature while Bastones and Espadas represent the Masculine Sun and Diurnal influencers. 

The Copas and Oros represent human qualities and types that are usually fair skinned individuals with blond or brown hair.  While the Bastos and Espadas can represent tan or individuals of darker skin complexion with darker hair, brown, black or red.   

The Espadas refer to matters of physical, spiritual and mental health.  Usually of a negative matter, dislikes, trials and tribulations.  Accidents, battles, health matters and strife fall under this suite. Geminis, Libra and Aquarius fall under this palo with its respected dates.  Commission Spirits, and Saints Gemini Papa Legba, Luis Guede, Eleguita, Niño de Atocha. Cosmos and Damian. Los Jemelos. 

Libra Obatala, Ecce Homo, Belie Belkan

Aquarius, Los Indios la Metresili, La Dolerosa, The Ogun, Marta la Dominadora

The Oros refer to economy and martial possessions, liabilities, inheritance,  investments, and capitol expenditures.  Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and its respected dates fall under this palo.  Commission Spirits, and Saints 

Taurus, Orisha Oko,  Gran Torolisa, los Congos

Virgo, Yemaya, Las Madamas, La Sirena, La Ballena, 

Capricorn, Aganyu Sola,  Agueh, Papa Sobo

The Copas refer to matters of love, feelings, sentiments, emotions, matters with couples, lovers, children, family, and personal relationships.  Cancer, Piecis and  Scorpion with its respected dates fall under this palo.  Commission Spirits, and Saints.

Cancer Cachita, Anaisa Pye, Atabeira. Erzulie Dantor, Obba,

Scorpio, Centinela, Kriminel,  Santa Marta Dominadora, La Baronesa.

Pisise Los Piratas Pirata Confresi, los Marineros, La Sirena, 

The Bastos refer to matters of labor, work, movement, travel, energies, and actions are also represented and Sagittarius, Leo and Aries and its respected dates fall under this palo.  Commissions, Spirits and Saints.

Aries, Ogun Belanjdo. Los Congos. Ogun Batalla, Papa Legba.

Leo, Chango Macho, San Santiago, Los Negros.

Sagittarius. Viejo Lazaro, Jose Gregorio, Pa Viejo, Legba Carefaur, Papa Sobo.

On inspecting the deck one will notice, El Rey, el Caballo and la Sota and quickly think that the female gender is not represented, this is far from the truth, as I have already stated that the Oros and Copas have feminine qualities and that the Aces of each palo is of a feminine nature, or if not feminine, influenced by it.  Although at first glance one would assume that the Aces of Batones and the Espadas are male, which to some extent they are, but deeper wisdom into the mysteries of these Aces one will see its female influences.  Also la Sota "the Jack" of each Palo is of a feminine nature and is often called La Dama.  Many people remove the Jester in the deck, this card is known as el Loco and some keep it and use it to represent el Tonto, el Loco or the Fool of the Tarot Deck.

( Important Note, the interpertation of any given card can be enhanced or degraded, or diminished, by the surounding cards. )


Ace of Swords: Legal Matters

This card talks of court cases, lawsuits and all legal matters.  It speaks of being careful in signing papers or contracts, it advices to read all documents carefully.    Reversed means scams, fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle or trickery.  Others are trying to.cheat, defraud, hoax or trick you into doing something, be careful.   

Two of Swords: Surprise

This card speaks of unexpected surprises, and the surprise depends greatly depends on the surrounding cards.  The surprise can be good or bad, expected or unexpected.  To strike or occur to with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through unexpectedness,. to come upon or discover suddenly and unexpectedly. An unexpected assault from a friend or an enemy.  Or it can be as simple as a surprise birthday party, a surprise message, or surprise information.  Negative cards around it speak of back stabbing, two faced individual or revenge.  The image of two swords can warn us of a fight wearing the mind causing intense pain and many tears.

Three of Swords:  Long Term Events

This card alone or the first card to comes up can be negative, a third party interfering in your life or relationships, an ex wife, ex lover or mother in law.  An individual that will be around for the long run.  It can represent arguments and not being able to make an agreement.  Great demands placed on a person, which predict major conflicts and rifts.  The card can also predict break ups or separation caused by outside influences.

Four of Swords: Obstacles and  Poor health

This card is often compared with the Death card of the Tarot, it speaks of a period of deception, difficulties and scams.  Health issues arise and diseases which could lead to isolation, loneliness and withdrawal.  It speaks of a forced exile, either by an illness, a substance abuse, or a controlling partner that will lead to illnesses, weakness, fatigue, abuse or even physical death.  This is enforced with other sword cards next to it.  Positive cards surrounding it mean overcoming a difficult situation, strength, bravery in taking charge over your life.  Going through a hardship that will bring inner strength, along with peace of mind and clarity of thoughts to get ahead and face the future bravely,  changes for the better.

Five of Swords: Karma 

This card is the card of Karma, action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation.  Karma the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation. It speaks of one's fate or destiny.  In this world nothing happens to a person that he does not for some reason or other deserve. it is the result of our own past actions and our own present doings. We ourselves are responsible for our own happiness and misery. We create our own Heaven. We create our own Hell. We are the architects of our own fate.  This card speaks of the Sins of the Father will be paid by his children,  You reap what you sow, whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.  For what we do "for good or for ill, shall be returned to us threefold, loath to cause any harm, lest it be returned to you in spades!

Six of Swords: Weakness and Pains

This card represents inner conflicts, inner demons, skeletons within the closet, secret or hidden agenda, malicious motives.  the possibility of hurting others, as well as being hurt.   The mental aspect of this card speaks of weakness and it is recommended to be very careful.  This card also speaks of setbacks, and potholes in the persons path.  It can also represent a dependent person, who needs to depend on others in order to survive, sometimes over dependent.  The card also speaks of patience or impatience.  

Seven of Swords: Short Term Events

All things of short term, such as a small vacation, a short love affair, a job that won't last.  A short trip not long distance, or a message, letter or information one has been waiting for will come soon.  It could represent minor health issues, or moving into a place that will not be for long or even an argument or a problem that will find its solution soon.  Better times are coming and one should save money for those days when there is none.  As with all cards this one will be affected by its surrounding cards.  

Eight of Swords: Evidence

Evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth, anything serving as such evidence:  The act of testing or making trial of anything; test; trial: to put a thing to the proof.  The card can also speak of overcoming problems calmly and with perseverance. There is a period of crisis that is coming to an end, where you can take criticism, slander and some bad news which generated into confusion and intense desire to get away from it all. Can predicts an unexpected trip or getaway.

Nine of Swords: Events for the worse

This is a negative card in all respects and it predicts suffering caused by jealousy, slander or deceits.  Despair, conflicts confusion and fear.  Insecurity, imminent dangers, contracting some kind of illness, addiction or some other health issues. Operations, complications, accidents, theft, and even hospital stay.  The evil eye and envy is also represented within this card, as is black magic, curses, and hexes or one paying back for ones wrong doings.  

Jack of Spades: Lady of Thoughts

A woman with dark hair, brunette, who could be of a darker completion, may it be a tan or natural skin tone, usually young, and often arrogant. Aggressive and determined character is for told within this card,  Spiteful, deceitful, back stabber, two faced and canyving, always plotting and revengeful.  The card can represent an enemy.  Reversed the card is an older woman with the same qualities but not as intense.  Very knowledgeable in the things she does or says, an individual who always gets what they want at any cost.  If it is an older woman, she could be a widow or divorced or not currently with a mate.  The card can also represent a male with these 

Knight of Swords: Knight of Conflicts

This knight deals with a young man of courage and endurance, it could also represent a person of a destructive nature with an ill temper.  Could be a moody individual, quick to anger, treacherous, with much conflicts, disputes and aggression.  Reversed would represent an individual who takes risks, and charge of situations and matters.  Could represent a victim of injustice who turned his/her life around for the better.  Once this person was in turmoil or despair and has literally turned their life around

King of Swords, Lord of the initiative

Older man, with dark brown hair, dark eyes, dark complexion.  Also grey hair is represented within this card.  Strong character, intelligent, 

May be an executive or someone in a high position of  importance.   Readiness and ability in initiating action; enterprise:, one's personal, responsible decision: to act on one's own initiative.  Reversed  loneliness, illness or separation who has known happiness and is going through a period in decline. lack initiative, can represent legal matters or problems with the law.  


Ace of Cups: The Home 

This card speaks of matters of the home, moving to a new home or apartment. This card talks about moving in with a partner, starting a new relationship in which you will move in together.  Purchasing a new home, or renting a new apartment.  If the card is reversed, problems in the home, separation, break up, moving, on from a relationship.  

Two of Cups: Fertility

This card speaks of all things of growth and fertility.  Abundance, new children, pregnancies, birth, and child related issues.  Can also speak of children expenses and child support.  Reversed miscarry, unable to conceive, abortion, not receiving financial assistance from child's parent.

Three of Cups: News

This card speaks of messages, letters, unexpected news, information,, and conversations. The information, may be good or bad depends on the surrounding cards.  

Gold, information about finances, depts, and money expenses, with other cups information about family or friends.  With clubs may speak about work, promotions or loosing a job, while with swords it may speak of health issues.  Reversed, malicious gossip and slander.

Four of Cups: Instincts

This card speaks of human instincts such as maternal instincts and the "survival instinct, and to a lesser extent sexual instincts.  If the card is of a negative or positive nature it depends on its surrounding cards, remember, some women do not want their children, some commit suicide, and are sexually ambivalent, and this would be apparent if this card was reversed".  This card can also speak about intense human emotions such as anger or lust.  

Five of Cups: Celebration

This card speaks of celebrations, gatherings, parties, and reunions.  A period of joy, celebration and optimism.  If the card is next to a a page, it has to do with a female, a caballero speaks of a man, while a King speaks of the consultant.  Next to Cups speaks of  celebration of a birth, wedding, or family reunion.  With Clubs, speaks of employment, Coins speaks of income, while Swords tells of a successful operation, healing from an illness, or a successful court case.  Reversed, Divorce, Breakups or Separations, loneliness, feeling of abandonment.

Six of Cups: Melancholy

This card speaks of a state of sadness caused by a traumatic experience from the past.   Memories from the past that bring upon a state of melancholy, fears or other emotional problems,negative thoughts, bad dreams or nightmares.  Reversed health issues arise because of ones depressions, mental issues or psychological disorders.

Seven of Cups:  Satisfactions 

Periods of great satisfactions where our deepest desires will be full filed.  Time to pick the fruits of our labors.  Rewards the person feels full of health and vitality.  Reversed, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, not being for filled, empty heart, void.

Eight of Cups: Influences

This card is the card of Influences, and as its name implies the card will be influenced for good or for bad with its surrounding cards.  A person can be influenced in both positive and negative ways.  Ones actions and thoughts are being influenced, and if negative cards surround it, the person is being manipulated into doing things they would not normally do.  

The person could be influenced by a parent, a friend, a lover, a coworker, a teacher, a boss, a doctor, a witch or a godparent.  If the cards around it are good its a positive influence, if the cards are negative, a negative influence bordering on manipulation.  If the cards around it are of health issues, ones doctor is trying to influence us into taking better care of ones health.  Reversed, Manipulation, physical or mental abuse.

Nine of Cups: Giving

This card speaks of a giving individual, a selfless person who gives to others without self-interest. This person gives to a cause without economic motivation and is always there to help those in need.

Reversed, a selfish individual,  disconnecting or detaching; separation. The state of being separate or detached. Indifference to or remoteness from the concerns or needs of others; aloofness.  Often a greedy individual.

Page of Cups:  Lady of Romance

This card speaks of a pale woman of blond, light brown hair, or reddish haired woman often of the signs of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.  Motherly instincts, a mother figure, big sister, a close friend.  The character of this person is a hopeless romantic, very sensitive, often dreamy, loving, creative and would do anything to for fill a lifelong dream.  If these charactetics portray a male figure it can represent a man.  Reversed, could represent a male or female who is unstable in relationships, unstable in the home, or unstable with the family, rebellious, and angry.

Knight of Cups: Errant Knight

This card depicts a man with fair skin, brown eyes and hair.  He often strays from his proper course or standards.  He is a wanderer, a vagrant such as a stray dog.  He is a lover of women but not one to commit to one single partner for to long or be faithful in the long run.  Reversed would represent a female of the same qualities.  Signs of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. 

King of Cups: Lord of Dreams

This King represents an older man, often in midlife as is with all kings who is a dreamer,   This person is more a dreamer than a person who will do it.  Often he reminisces of times long past and compares his life to how things, usto be.  The card can also speak of unattainable dreams, or a person who lies so much they often believe the very lies they say.  Reversed would represent a female, or a person who has lives in illusions, and unfocused..


Ace of Wands: Remoteness

This Card speaks of things yet to come, or events that may happen within a long term, future plans.  A Journey or travel within the future.  One must work hard to make these events come into being as they will prove to be beneficial to the person.  A holiday or a needed vacation, a getaway.   The individual needs to get away, and enjoy some needed relaxation and rest.  This card can also indicate plans that the person has yet to for fill and hard in making it happen.  A delayed project, dream, or carrier.  If the card is reversed, the person has no motivation, plans do not come into being.  Delayed movement, issues and problems with individuals from the past. 

Two of Wands: Distance

This card tells us of things to come in the not so distant future. Such as a weekend getaway, a short trip, to visit friends or family members.   It talks about ones relationship with partners, neighbors, friends or siblings.  It talks about those little joys in life that gives us strength and inner joy.  Conversations, communications, with those around us.  It speaks of searching for those simple joys that surround us instead of looking far away in a distant place.  Enjoy and appreciating what you have.  New relationships are coming, new bonds, new friends.  Can speak of flirtation or a relationship that one has will change.  This card speaks of hope in the not so distant future. 

Three of Wands Fraternity 

This card speaks of brotherhoods, bonds, relationships, fraternities.  Deep relationships, love, mutual respect, growth and strength in numbers. Clans, family, groups.

Four of Wands:  Strength

This card speaks of strength, endurance, power, stability, it can also speak of intelligence and physical force.  Emotional stability in.conquering obstacles and setbacks.  Strong and stable relationships, inner strength during hardship, especially the strength needed from the problems caused by loved ones.  Healthy and stable relationships.

Five of Wands:  Wisdom

This card refers to knowledge and the inner wisdom that we have acquired through studies and life experiences.. Academic training, initiations, or learning a new trade. The act of learning, study, concentration and analyzing. 

Six of Wands:Depression

The card is referred to as one of the most negative cards within the deck. Depression, sadness, despair, weakness, fatigue, lack of desire to move forward.  Very hard to move forward because the person feels paralyzed.  The cause can be from outside influences such as an abusive partner, or black magic.  The person can only change by changing their outlook on life, and how they view situations and treat others.  The mood of the client is very melancholy and they feel as if there is no coming out of it, it is reflected on themselves and how they treat others and any given situation.  As with every card, it is greatly enfluenced  by its surrounding cards.  
With Coins, finances in the home, family problems, with clubs,  professional failures, or failures in home and relationship. Sword around it for tell of failures in life caused by outside influences such as envy and witchcraft, while cups problems with relationship or children.

Seven of Wands: Work

This card speaks of work or professions in general, obligations and earnings.  Opportunities for promotion, job advisement, labor, achievements, goals.

Eight of Wands: Dependencies

This card refers to some form of dependency. It can be a dependency on a partner, family member, or other.loved ones.  It can be substance abuse such as alcohol or narcotics.  This card speaks of unhealthy relationships, especially when it comes to one controlling or dominating the other.

If surrounded by swords it speaks of dependencies towards alcohol or drugs, or other bad habits.  With Coins it speaks of gambling habits and the need to steel others belongings to support their habits. With clubs it speaks of weak minded individual who likes to dominate and control others, while with cups it speaks of loosing control of anger towards loved ones because of their dependencies.  

Nine of Wands: Satisfactions

This card speaks of personal satisfactions, may these satisfactions be beneficial or departmental towards the individual, and as always the surrounding cards enhance or deteriorates its meanings.  

Page of Wands: Lady of the Passion

This card symbolizes a woman with brown hair and eyes with dark skin  Energetic personality, passionate, impulsive, charismatic, creative self-confident and often temperamental.  Zodiac signs are Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.  Reversed would be sluggishness, slowness, indifference, intolerance.   

Knight of Wands: Charismatic Knight 

A man of dark complexion, dark hair and brown eyes.  Very athletic active and energetic, with high ideals, standards and a bit proud.  Leadership qualities and very determined. If the card is speaking of a woman then the same is true as above.  Zodiac signs are Leo, Aries or Sagittarius.  Reversed, competition, rivalries.

King of Wands: Lord of Experience

A strong older man or woman.  Hard worker, experienced, energetic and charismatic.  A boss, a leader.   Zodiac signs are Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. Reversed, addictions, dependencies, down ward spiral. 


Ace of Pentacles: Triumphs

The card of success, triumph, prosperity and happiness.  Although at first the card speaks of financial stability, with other cards it can represent overcoming advisories and obstacles in one life.  

With cups, love, relationships and the home.  With clubs, work, profession  job related and health.  With swords overcoming rivals and setbacks. 
If the card is reversed, represents over indulgence, over spending, greed and gluttony. 

Two of Pentacles:  Rivalries

This card represents rivalries, envy, jealousy or competition often of material belongings, work positions or finances gain.  Resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage., or against another's belongings.  Feeling resentment against someone because of that person's success, or advantages.  a marriage ruined by infidelity, rivalry and jealousy,   Reversed, Bode moments of intense emotion accompanied by lack of clarity and agitation.  An amount owed to a person or organization for funds borrowed. Debts can be represented by a loan note, bond, mortgage or other form stating repayment terms and, if applicable, interest requirements. These different forms all imply a lack of intent to pay back an amount owed by a specific date.  Two roads are present and one does not know the correct path to take, a feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Three of Pentacles: Fortune

Fertility, fortune prosperity, success, and abundance, starting a successful venture, a potential pregnancy.   In business, ability in being responsible, power, recognition and generosity.  Reversed symbolizes levity, mediocrity and lack of maturity. Depending on  accompanying cards could indicate unexpected concerns in ones personal economy.

Four of Pentacles: Welfare

Health, happiness, and good fortune; well-being, prosperity.   The condition of being contented, healthy, or successful.  Reversed.  Dangers ahead, problems, ill being, bad health, disorders, trouble with the law that may culminate in an arrest and incarceration.

Five of Pentacles: Resolutions

This card speaks of resolutions, finding answers to a problem, joining with others to communicate and finding answers or a solution to a problem.  Reversed,  Rifts or separations within a relationships, such as a friendship or a partnership.  Lack of communication, debauchery, and economic loss.

Six of Pentacles: Difficulties

While this card represents difficulties, it is through these difficult times that we learn, we grow and learn to tolerate those things from others that may make us upset.  Things will resolve themselves with patience.  Being able to overcome obstacles.   Reversed, trials and tribulations, greed, a run of bad luck, envy and jealousy that can disturb smooth roads that could have lied ahead. 

Seven of Pentacles:   Gratifications

Being grateful, Appreciative of benefits received; thankful.  Expressing gratitude. This card can also speak of recognition, awards, prizes, good news.  Reversed, ungratefulness, selfish, not feeling or exhibiting gratitude, thanks, or appreciation.  Speaks of an unpleasant or repellent individual.  As well as Impatience and apprehension.

Eight of Pentacles: Reflection

This card is related to ones surroundings, and periods of disagreements, instabilities or even a hostile environment that requires maximum inner reflection of the person to get back on track for healing, moving forward and on with their life.  The person must restore balance and harmony within their life, to make up for lost time.

Reversed, the person is suffering from soul loss, or a traumatic experience from their past that does not allow them to move forward.  Insecurities, mental and or emotional abuse.  A traumatic experience that does not allow the person to heal or move forward. 

Nine of Pentacles: Instability

This card speaks of an unstable person, it could be the person getting the reading or it could represent a person within their life.  The quality or state of being unstable; lack of stability or firmness, the tendency to behave in an unpredictable, changeable, or erratic manner: emotional instability, anger, rage, fury.  Being taken advantage, loss of money, being robbed. Reversed announces deceit, deception infidelity, lies, loss of a friendship, unpleasant surprises and broken promises.

Page of Pentacles: Lady of Materialism

This card can be a younger white woman, of blond or light brown hair.  She is in a very good financial position but has an uncontrolled spending money habit.  She can be generous, passionate, loyal, and wants to live the fairy tale life.  She is a good friend to those she has but can be a snob who imitates, cultivates, or slavishly admires social superiors and is condescending or overbearing to others. It represents a person who believes himself or herself an expert or superior connoisseur in any given field and is condescending toward or disdainful of those who hold other opinions, are in lower ranks or have different tastes regarding her field.  Materialistic. Reversed, means great news or announcements, and also charity, a person who gives freely of themselves to those in need.  A charity or a cause.  

Knight of Pentacles: Knight of the Order

This card represents a man of middle age, or graying blond hair, friendly temperament, smart, rebellious and curious. Portrays a mature young man with ambition and  success orientated.  It can speak of economic success and wealth that is gained from ones strong will, efforts, maturity and responsibilities.  Can also announces the arrival of an old friend who is disposed in assisting in overcoming obstacles. Foreshadows a possible trip, favorable news and good prospects.  Reversed predicts laziness, resistant to work or exertion; disposed to idleness, slow-moving; sluggish. Conducive to idleness or indolence.  Greed,, hard headed, arrogant and stubborn.  

King of Diamonds Lord of the Game

As all cards the Kings can represent a male or female with masculine qualities who is older, often mid life.  This king is often white in complexion with gray hair or a light colored hair.  He enjoys a solid financial position, with a huge capacity and ability to follow several businesses at once, embodies the experience, intelligence and aptitude typical of a banker, a broker or a millionaire.  The card speaks of collaborations, working together, and partnerships. It speaks of a good harvest, growth, wisdom, knowledge and kindness.  Reversed speaks of a corrupted individual, who will scam, lie and cheat to get what he desires, an individual of unspeakable 

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